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What we look for when reviewing your credit application.

• Trade References – how you pay your vendors

• Company Establishment – how long your company has been in existence

• Banking Information – typical account balance, and how your bank loans (where applicable) are paid

• Personal Credit – personal credit will be checked when applicable (small and/or new companies)

With all of the excellent services both of our companies have to offer, may we suggest you fill out a credit application for both Trailer Equipment Inc., and Trailer X-Press, Inc.

Trailer Equipment will offer you a huge stock of parts ready for pickup, an excellent service facility, and trailer sales all in one stop, along with 24/7 over-the-road repair service available in all states!

Trailer X-Press is proud to offer our customers an extensive fleet of trailer choices, with competitive lease and rental prices, ready for pickup! Trailer X-Press also offers our customers a valuable 24/7 over-the-road repair service available on all of their equipment!

If you have any questions regarding your credit, or our credit applications, please contact me at (800) 320-5972 or by email at [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you and working toward building a new business relationship with your company!

Please click on the red company name link above for your credit application(s). Once you have filled out your credit application(s), please return to me by fax at (616) 248-3473 or by email at [email protected].

Thank you!

Kimberly Hart
Credit & Collection Manager
Phone: (616) 248-0600
Fax: (616) 248-3473
Email: [email protected]

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