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Peoples' Problems & Complaints for Trucking and Solution via Fleet Management

We know very well that traffic is a major problem in the whole world because of the noise, pollution and accident rate. Many people are suffering from problems related to the trucking traffic and noise. These vehicles are very noisy and create noise pollution at high levels which is scientifically harmful for humans and animals. It creates physical and emotional stress.

In trucking, people use high volume horns where they should use soft horns which would not disturb people who are driving ahead or others who reside near the road. There are many soft and good horns on the market which are not so damaging to people. The trucking industry is also moving to use these horns, too.

After conducting a survey in many places and asking about the traffic noise, most of the people say that they are very disappointed by truck traffic because the trucks travel mainly at night. If they are near the former Applied Molded Products buildings, their existence becomes uncomfortable because of the constant noise of trucks uploading or downloading product.

Some complainants say that drivers park their trucks on or very close to citizens' properties. They all comment about the noise pollution which gets increased due to trucks. Truck drivers must not switch on their truck when they are not moving or waiting. They are responsible for accidents because they drive their trucks at a high rate of speed which increases the probability that their control of the vehicle becomes compromised and they cause accidents.

Considering these problems, the trucking industry has begun relying on Fleet Management services. Owners of trucks can monitor and, in a lot of cases, control each truck action, driver activity, noise, pollution and other things at one time from the control room. Fleet Management has become high technology these days. Almost every trucking industry is adopting this great service.

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