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How the Hot Box Came to Be

The Hot Box project is an innovative partnership with a local non profit, Inner Circle Fire Training. This is the story of how they came to be…

One day a car was speeding around Grand Rapids, Michigan, and like most speeders, they flagged the attention of an officer. This one car in particular had a few warrants out for its arrest and decided to flee from the flashing lights. From Burton Street, he made a quick right down Steele SW. Down this street he lost control and ran into a street light. Needless to say, the man was caught and brought to justice!

At the scene of the accident, volunteer fire men came to the rescue. After the mess was taken care of, one of the firemen came across the street and sparked up a conversation with our new and used equipment Sales Manager. They talked about many things, but one in particular was the idea to build a flashover simulator out of a shipping container. Our Used Equipment Manager was confident in Trailer Equipment's service, along with the open mind of the company. In that moment, the first step of creation was conceived.

Just a few months later… The hot box was born!

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