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How to Evaluate Management Companies & Their Services for your Vehicles Fleet

Automotive companies are purchasing fewer new trucks and more old trucks. However, old trucks mean the company will have to invest more money in maintenance and fuel. For reducing consumption of fuel, fleet management companies provide best options to travel with safety. You can satisfy your driver and maintain your vehicle with fleet management. Before getting fleet management services, you must evaluate your fleet management company.


• First, you must take inventory of vehicles that are in your fleet. Checks that whether drive likes driving your car or truck, if not then determine reason why?

• Secondly, decide what is your goal for you vehicle fleet: whether your goal is to get the job done with high power trucks, to export and import goods from one place to other places, or do you want you company to show a green image with hybrid cars, or would you like to convey an image of luxury cars and trucks.

• Figure out your last year's maintenance expenses for all vehicles and ask your driver about his satisfaction level. Spend time with your driver and ask about the improvement.

• Owning your company's fleet might not be very cost effective, but automotive leasing of your fleet can be cost effective and satisfactory for your driver. You must estimate the entire cost of licenses, driver's registration, vehicle's registration and other kind of registrations and permits. Also include the labor charge for all vehicles as per the tasks they are set to.

• Fleet management companies provide glass repairs, body repairs and other repairs of cars and trucks with discount offers. They have effective connections with automotive repairing companies and workshops. Fleet providers also offer insurances for damages to trucks in accidents, as applicable.

• Fuel is the biggest expense for an automotive company. Fleet Provider provides a credit card which lessens fuel prices. It can be tailored to have a particular limit for an employer. This card also includes a fraud-detection system, so that the company is able to tell whether or not the card is used by the correct person.

• Evaluate whether the fleet management company is providing you more services at lower cost or not. If yes, then move forward with the fleet management company.

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