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Ambassador Bridge Traffic Increased 40% & Government Hopes to Build Dric Bridge

Ambassador Bridge traffic has seen a 40% increase. This report has been presented by Public Borders Operators Association. They reported that in June 2010, there were 243,210 trucks which crossed the bridge as opposed to 173,202 trucks in June 2009. It means the bridge saw a 40% increase in truck loads and traffic in June. It has been also mentioned that overall year's traffic will be up 26 percent!

Ambassador Bridge is privately-owned bridge of mogul Matty Moroun. This bridge connects to Detroit, U.S. and Windsor, Ontario, Canada for trade between both countries. It is a vital truck crossing point between US and Canada. In order to decrease the congestion on the bridge, some suggest there should be a similar bridge built next to Ambassador.

Michigan Government Jennifer Granholm and John Baird, Transport Minister of Canada, are hoping to build a new separate bridge which will be named, "Detroit River International Crossing". DRIC supporters are hoping that state legislation, HB4961 which has been submitted to Democratic-controlled Michigan House, is passed. This issue is being continually debated and discussed by Republican-controlled state senate.

According to state legislation HB4961, Detroit River International Crossing project will be built as a public private partnership (PPPs). HB4961 opens the entire way to build the DRIC project as PPPs involving tolls but the controversy is going on between lawmakers and DRIC supporters.

Public Interest Research Groups and National Motorists Association are in opposition to HB4961. These groups are not criticizing the DRIC project. They want more protection of taxpayers if public private partnership enables in the state. Regardless, people are having preferences to use both Ambassador Bridge and DRIC Bridge. You should move to tell your senators to vote on HB4961.

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