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Trucking is New Trend of Advertising & Marketing

Trucks have become the new trends for advertising and marketing. On America's roads, trucks are liked by people for their designs, creativity and new advertisements. American Trucking Association has discovered that 90% of the public likes advertisements, pictures, words and marketing via trucks. Trucking advertisement is working as a hammer on peoples' minds. When a person sees an advertisement again and again the advertiser and the product become branded in their memory.

Trucks with big pictures have authority to present 16 million impressions in a year within the city regardless of whether they have a BOC3 or not. Big pictures attract viewers and their calls again and again. Different lighting systems in ads are used by advertisers: where some use logo designs, body painting and big pictures on truck body.

The trucking industry can earn marketing attention by truck-side advertising. The truck can be modified into rolling billboards and can turn their advertising income more then $3800 for 53-foot rigs. Considering the fuel price increments, the truck industry likes to recover that expense by virture of advertisement. In America, 18 billion gallons of fuel is used by the trucking industry which is 12% of the overall fuel consumption in the country.

Many advertising agencies are moving toward trucking advertising for gathering more attention of the public to their products. They are also targeting their customers via trucking.

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